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impact for ukraine. peter cook tells us how the ukraine is fueling the energy debate here in the states. ukraine. the latest on president obama says russian president vladimir putin has breached international law. the present spoke to reporters earlier today on the situation in crimea. thatere is a strong belief russia's actions is violating international law. president putin seems to think -- has a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations. that is fooling anybody. everybody recognizes that, although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in a neighboring state, that does not give them the right to use force as a means of inserting influence. said heresident also has not spoken to president putin since the weekend. let's get the latest on the --und rumble bloomberg ground from bloomberg. what is the latest in the standoff? much a tensel very standoff. there's is an air base down in crimea. it was taken over by russian forces over the weekend. this morning, ukrainian troops -- 300 of them -- marched back to that base and said they wanted it back. soldie
significant things in that the military intervention threatens to derail energy under vegan. -- intervention. the key pipelines that go from russia into europe through ukraine. we have seen energy analysts saying that it could affect gas prices as far away as great britain. >> and not to mention supply routes as well for troops in afghanistan. how is it then that vladimir putin feels he has the upper hand, that the international community is impotent? >> i think there is very little militarily that the international community can do. when the kremlin has sent troops across the border in the past of the u.s. and its allies cried foul before. we saw this in 1979, we find thousand eight -- we saw in 2008, but no military action was taken. it is not clear they will go further than seizing crimea, but there is very little beyond diplomatic and economic isolation that the rest of the world can do at this point. it remains to be seen how the ripple effects are going to affect the economy, and also diplomatic ties with russia which we need for other reasons like iran and syria. indira joining us on
chesapeake energy, they posted their first profit in several years. their bottom line was hit by rising costs, but the ceo has been scaling back operations. market"be back "on the in 30. ♪ >> welcome back to the second half hour of bottom line. thank you for staying with us. we will get to the close of oil on this snowy wednesday. new york crude is up by three quarters of a percent. it is that 10259. natural gas is falling down about 5.5%. it is at 4.808. of the national economic council is leaving next week. his replacement is a man of many accomplishments, but he is not economist.meant -- julianna goldman joins group more on this story. he brings quite a different resume. >> that's right. foras a different resume the nec director. academics, industry titans, lawyers, but we have not had the like camp -- we have not had somebody like camp. -- him. they went to duke university and then he did a stint at pain. he brought major league baseball to washington. he did two consultants is and he also invested in the the the the bc restaurant scene. nelson mandela was a guest at his wedding. before
the it is havingation, an impact on wti. energy futures are on track to post gains for the month due in part to the weather and huge spike in heating oil and natural gas. toc crude production dropped the lowest level in more than two years in february. look at today's prices as we head to the close -- lower across the board with gasoline futures falling on speculation that above average supplies will keep prices in check. natural gas futures rebounded from a five-week low. one-week dropis a of almost 26%. that's the biggest one-week truck we've seen in roughly a decade. those comments are impacting gold today. >> part of what we are looking at is the fact that the ukraine situation and yellen's comment pricesortiva of higher that create a demand for a safe haven. we are seeing a big debate on where the price will be. will be ainks we little higher. you have to consider the fact that gold has posted two straight months of gains will stop you are looking at unchanged as we had to the close right now. >> thank you. turning our focus to investments in emerging markets with the focus on the fed c
at consumer staples, energy and utilities really moving. we are seeing the nasdaq pretty much flat. racing earlier gains that we saw in the session. -- you're racing earlier gains that we saw in the session. we are watching individual stocks that we do want to highlight. the first this year's. the secret service has said to be investigating a possible security breach at the retailer. somebodycording to a summar familiar with the investigation. sears says it has no information that reaches actually occurring. we are watching apple. at the world's largest company having its annual shareholders meeting where they have approved the .ompany's proposal they will have an update on cash policy. we are on the market again in 30 minutes. ♪ welcome back to the second half-hour of bottom-line on bloomberg television. it takes for sting with us. let's check some of the top stories we're following for you at this hour. ukraine is accusing russia of a military occupation. they're saying russian troops took up positions around the coast guard bases and two airports in crimea. the former president says h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5